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SportsFilter Turns 8


posted by mathowie at 03:18 PM on January 25, 2010

brokeback html

Actually if you look at the broken post, the guy is trying to stuff a link to, some oddball myspace site. Were they trying to hide the link with CSS?

posted by mathowie at 01:24 PM on February 24, 2006

brokeback html

My post didn't break the page, the guy before me's did.

posted by mathowie at 01:21 PM on February 24, 2006

BlueTrain, I've never met and seldom emailed with anyone at Shift. I have no idea where their admiration of my work came from, but they do seem to follow everything I do (they mentioned me as the designer of the Creative Commons site). I think they glommed onto MetaFilter quite a while ago and used it for finding story leads and links for their shift list, and when I linked back to them one day, they probably got some traffic out of it.

posted by mathowie at 02:03 PM on June 03, 2002

yeah, I just need to add the flag to filter out the hidden posts.

posted by mathowie at 08:30 PM on February 24, 2002

should work now

posted by mathowie at 07:20 PM on February 09, 2002

That's the plan. Footballs, baseballs, golfballs, hockey pucks, basketballs, bowling balls, etc, all serving in the "o" position.

posted by mathowie at 03:38 PM on February 09, 2002

Actually, it was a stupid post and I'd love to delete it, but I don't want to send the message that "take it to sportsfilter" is the right one, because I don't think it is. I'm trying to figure out a way to openly promote sportsfilter on metafilter as an additional community, and not a sub-section or a place where sports news must go from now on. It's touchy, and I hope people don't post things like "this would be good for sportsfilter too" because it just leads to the unwanted conclusion (that sports don't belong on metafilter). If you would like a sportsmined person at metafilter to know about this site, email them instead.

posted by mathowie at 06:03 PM on February 07, 2002

I just need to add a directive that says "where not trashed" to the "grab all posts" db query. Thanks for the bug catch.

posted by mathowie at 06:00 PM on February 07, 2002

we can change category names easily, in case any admins were wondering. A motorsport category was considered at the start, but I think we agreed to keep things small at first and add as necessary.

posted by mathowie at 12:54 AM on February 07, 2002

I forgot to add /lockerroom/ to the permalink timestamp on locker room posts. Will do.

posted by mathowie at 12:02 PM on February 05, 2002

this should be fixed now

posted by mathowie at 01:40 PM on February 04, 2002


posted by mathowie at 01:28 AM on January 31, 2002