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Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

I've been on jumbotrons for two consecutive weekends during two different historic sports events. Top that, fame-seekers! I went to a Durham Bulls game a few weeks ago and was looking around like a DORK in the third inning when they put me on the jumbotron. After all the pointing and shouting, I caught it right as they took me off. 11 year old teases me mercilessly ... mutter "I'll get vindication" ... skip to eighth inning ... same exact thing. I keep telling myself I just came across as non-chalant, but now every time I argue with my son over something, he stops the proceedings with something like "At least I didn't look like an idiot at the ballgame". side-note: This same game, my son yells out "I know what an erection is!"

posted by Ricardo at 07:55 AM on August 23, 2007