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Cricket Question

by an easy time, its meant that in cricket, the majority of successes occurs with the batsman. It you dont count being beaned, hitting a cricket ball well is considerably easier to pick up by and athlete than hitting a baseball. In baseball, pitching, while considerably difficult, is where most of the success lies. In cricket, it is the opposite, the batsman has the most success. The bowler is trying to beat him, rather than the batter trying to beat the pitcher, like in baseball.

posted by nados at 08:39 PM on April 01, 2011

Cricket Question

thanks, I was reading a shorter article relating cricket to baseball, and they definitely left out many of the intricacies, such as wides and byes. I think I'll stick to my own, but at least I wont be sitting there drooling like an idiot if i ever watch any cricket. I wonder, do cricketers find it as ridiculous for a pitcher to have so much dominance in baseball as I do for the batter to have such an easy time in cricket?

posted by nados at 05:55 PM on March 31, 2011