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Should SportsFilter Think of the Children?

Gosh weedy, thanks for the understanding. I must clear up one fact though. I am Kerry and Cindy is my wife. I post and she usually laughs at my posts and brow beats me when I make stupid social faux paus. I post most everywhere as kerrycindy as we are inseperable. I am now going to fade into the woodwork on Sports Filter for a while and study you people for cues on proper social interaction.

And owlhouse, my boy would like to wish you and your son goodtimes ahead, and I second those sentiments.

posted by kerrycindy at 10:15 PM on November 06, 2009

Should SportsFilter Think of the Children?

Okay, I have read the posts since yesterday. I did come across as a jerk. Yes my son has heard the *word* before. As for being an account holder, you do not have to have an account to read what is on here, only to post. Yes I came across too strongly. owlhouse understands the feelings of a parent of an aspie kid. I will now reveal I also have Asperger's Syndrome and am not too good at the social interaction thing. I apologize to owlhouse and the others in the community. rcade, thanks for the patience. As for dusted, maybe I deserved all of it, but I am usually a very tolerent person and do not dwell on the sins of others. I do however fail to understand how the use of vulgarities in public or a public forum enhances anything, but maybe that is my Asperger's showing. We found out about my son's Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 7. I was just diagnosed last year and am hoping that by knowing about my son at an early age we will be able to help him avoid the hurdles I have encountered in my 52 years.

A final apology, on this subject at least, to rcade, owlhouse, and tommytrump. One request, if you do not know what Asperger's Syndrome is please google it and learn about it. Autism affects, according to the lastest data, 1 in 93. Asperger's affects 1 in 250. Severe Autism is what we are most familiar with. Asperger's is at the other end of the spectrum along with High Functioning Autism and PDD/NOS. is a great site to explain things.

posted by kerrycindy at 12:30 PM on November 06, 2009

Should SportsFilter Think of the Children?

tahoemoj, i could care less how long you have been on here. sorry to have caused you such pain.

posted by kerrycindy at 01:19 PM on November 05, 2009

Should SportsFilter Think of the Children?

Please read my last post on the Thursday huddle. Gosh darn heck fire! Did not mean to cause such a fuss. Just want to enlighten some. By-the-way, My son, who is 11, did I point that out?, has Asperger's Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is always trying to model neuro-typical behavior so that he will fit in better with so-called normal people. This led him to say yes F@#$ing sir to his middle school band director a couple of days ago. That resulted in me being called in to talk to the Vice-Principal. Not saying that reading the huddle made him do it, but it most likely did not help.

I realize it may be asking a bit much to ask people to think before they talk, but....

He led by example.

posted by kerrycindy at 12:13 PM on November 05, 2009