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SportsFilter--The new internet police state.

Damn near every comment you make is offensive. There's a perfect example right there. How am I supposed to take that? I feel like this site has made me a better person because I never knew that 1/2 the shit I said would offend anyone. Like when LBB pointed out to me that calling someone a "pussy" was demeaning to women. That type of thing doesn't even register in my thought process, so if she never told me, I wouldn't have known. Maybe instead of being a "jerk" about it, you could explain how it's offensive. Someone has said it before, but we all have different backgrounds and have all been raised differently, so what is offensive to one person is just normal everyday life to another. Maybe hyper sensitive people should try to avoid this place since it is a place where other people are going to voice their opinions? And you still haven't answered me as to how that was a gay joke. Or were you just trying to stir the pot?

posted by yay-yo at 12:42 PM on May 18, 2007

SportsFilter--The new internet police state.

Thanks for your contribution. You're right man, gay jokes are the best! Very mature, too! You really consider that a gay joke? Please explain. Its funny TBH that you would bring my name up, as you seem to be the first person to start shit with someone and the first to point out the guidelines when they come back with something that you don't like. I'll be happy to take a timeout, but if someone attacks me, I won't bend over. There also seem to be a few people on here that think because they have been a member for x amount of years that the guidelines don't apply to them. They seem to think the guidelines are only for new users. Is this true? Are they only for certain people? We need a rulling Stu...

posted by yay-yo at 12:20 PM on May 18, 2007