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Calling All Rookies

Not a rookie, which I had to double-check because I can't believe it has been more than a year since I signed up here, but I'm going to answer the question anyway. What I like; sports news from all over the world, intelligent and sometimes even funny comments :) What I don't; sometimes it can seem a little cliquey, but then again, any site with a social aspect will have that, so I guess that isn't a complaint at all. While I don't approve of piling on n00bs because of spelling mistakes etc I do love the fact that the majority of comments here are well written and so need no furrowed brows and deciphering on my part. In conclusion, two thumbs up :)

posted by Fence at 11:43 AM on January 24, 2008

Jose returns to the spotlight

I do love Mario Rosenstock, Jose and his amazing technicolour overcoat is still one of my favourites.

posted by Fence at 06:07 AM on January 05, 2008

SpoFi Footie fans

Thanks to your reminder I've just gone and paid my cash. I has meant to a lot earlier but when I tried they were having issues with non-UKers signing up. Yes yes, they did get that sorted ages ago but me and procrastination are like best friends

posted by Fence at 08:27 AM on November 08, 2007

I found my beret while packing

I've just been reading this thread and the original BC Lions one and really don't see anything racist about it whatsoever. Yes, there are stereotypes, but they seem to me to be meant in a jesting manner rather than anything to offend. And, as I understand it, these were actual fans? So it isn't like it was a set up. And to hear that there were hate emails sent? Taking things way to extreme, imo.

posted by Fence at 07:54 AM on June 19, 2007

Respect for the dead

I didn't read the original thread til just now. To be honest I don't think that anyone needs a kicking when they are down, dead or alive, but if you are discussing a death then chances are you will discuss the manner of the death. It is going to happen, and as this is a public forum, full of people who don't personally know the dead individual, then speculation and judging is going to come into the discussion. Being dead doesn't turn you into a saint. It doesn't turn your bad choices into good ones, and if, by pointing out the bad choices someone made that contributed to their death, that discussion makes some else think twice then it isn't a bad thing now is it. And this isn't a memorial or funeral service. It is a place for discussion. And what is discussion but gossip? We can make an effort to make sure that gossip doesn't turn malicious, but to try and stop it all together is pretty pointless imo.

posted by Fence at 04:35 AM on May 04, 2007

What are SpoFites' favorite books?

Sporting book-wise, one of my favourites has to be Red Mist: Roy Keane and the Football Civil War. Non-sporting, anything by Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett is very readable.

posted by Fence at 04:31 AM on April 25, 2007

Link Dump

Try savers and rib breakers features some great rugby, with a few dangerous plays just to liven it up. And a bit of instruction on why you should find touch with your kicks.

posted by Fence at 04:48 AM on March 29, 2007

Helping the Fugees

Great idea. I can't get their donate page to load though, I'll try again when I get home from work.

posted by Fence at 03:38 AM on January 26, 2007

Political Feuds of SpoFi

Given certain sports "discussions" I've heard, you may just be right yerfatma :)

posted by Fence at 08:03 AM on August 08, 2006

Political Feuds of SpoFi

I don't think there is anything wrong with a conversation verging off-topic, but certain subjects are always going to incite passion. On a forum I visit every board has a moderator who will usually issue one warning and then a limited ban (a week or a month depending), repeat offenders are banned for good. But of course you still have the problem of figuring out what exactly deserves a ban. The Slugger O'Toole blog uses the "play the ball not the man" tactic, almost anything is okay provided you address the issue, not another poster, and slam the individual being discussed. And they seem to have quite a civil debate most of the time, despite their subject matter which is Northern Ireland.

posted by Fence at 03:57 AM on August 08, 2006

There aren't limits...

Well, I haven't been a member here all that long, but I don't see a need for a word limit. It is fairly natural that some conversations will turn to off-topic subjects, but is that a bad thing? Obviously this is a sports related site, so discussion of sport is the primary aim, but I think that the freedom to go slightly off-topic is something that can make a site a better place in the long run. And the length of a comment shouldn't be an issue. imo of course.

posted by Fence at 04:15 AM on August 03, 2006