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Week 1 MLB power rankings released.

While i still think next year is their year, i think the brewers are getting no respect. Both SI and Sports nation has predicted them to finish 4th in the NL central. The brewers have made a lot of key additions like trading lyle overbay to free up space for Prince Fielder, and also getting Corey Koski from the blue jays. The rest of the "top" teams have realy haven't done much this offseason. The Cardinals lost a lot of players and did not replace them with players of the same quality. Although I still agree that they have a good team and should be favorite for the division title. The Astros really haven't done anything this offseason except try to force Jeff Bagwell to retire. If Clemens doesnt come back then they are not the same team that went to the World Series last year. I also dont think the Cubs are going to be that much better. Yes the addition of Juan Pierre is good for their offense, I still think that pitching is what is going to hurt them as Wood and Prioir can't seem to stay healthy the last couple of year which gives me no reason to think they will stay healthy this year. I believe Brewers have a above average rotation with Sheets, Davis, Capuano, Ohka, and who ever they decide on for the 5th guy. While their lineup will be fielded with young guys... they all showed tremendous potential last year and now with the addition of Koski the Brewers have one of the best utility men coming of the bench in Bill Hall. I think alot of people will be surprised with the Brewers this year as I see them contending for the wild card (outside shot of winning the wild card) and watch out in 2007 they could win the whole division

posted by badgerman920 at 06:34 PM on February 21, 2006