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Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

I think one of the referees accidentally pulled out his "Terrible Towel" on accident thinking it was his flag to throw against the Seahawks. Did all the referees grow up "Steel Curtain" fans? Or are they just that crappy that they couldn't make the game fair? Pass Interference to start the game-JOKE! Ben's touchdown-JOKE! Who is the NFL kidding? They get who they want to win. Maybe Vegas had it right, and they made a killing off what should have been a Seahawk win. Is the Mafia involved? Amazing!! Worst called Superbowl EVER!!!!!!!!!

posted by seahawks37fan at 01:25 AM on February 06, 2006

Refs stink petition

Pass Interference at the beginnning of the game? Joke!!!! Ben's touchdown-JOKE!!!! He wasn't in and it was obvious. Reminds of the Jets game the Seahawks lost and didn't make the playoffs a few years ago. Some of the holds that the refs called kept were terrible too. The NFL had one agenda-Jerome Bettis day in Detroit. It was obvious by the advertising as well. A 6th seed getting as much publicity makes me sick. Was the NFL worried they couldn't sell Seahawks Superbowl Champion merchandise? Unbelievable!!! The game was the worse called game I've seen in along time.

posted by seahawks37fan at 01:16 AM on February 06, 2006