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Marshawn Lynch accused of stealing $20 from woman

"she wanted to wait until the Bills' football season ended and Lynch was out of town." that makes sense...someone robs you and you wait for them to leave town to give a statement...or you get robbed and you dont make a scene at the time... in a crowded establishment...when someone could simply leave and wait till the next day....what happened to her tab...was it ever paid?...or did she leave and not pay?..after he grabbed the 20 did he run...? doesnt seem so...and a cops wife afraid of some athlete?...sure..if you guys believe that story I have a bridge i would like to sell you all

posted by lindomotorsports at 09:56 AM on January 10, 2010

Renee Richards Questions Caster Semenya's Eligibility to Compete

doesnt anyone see the irony of Rene Richards commenting on this issue....?

posted by lindomotorsports at 09:42 PM on August 27, 2009

Gruden is Gone.

good riddance...I hated Gruden...he got a super bowl he didnt deserve and the team went from bad to worse each year...he ruined the career of several players including Chris Simms and I for one am glad he is a florida resident I can now cheer for the Bucs again...whether they win or lose...good bye chuckie...hope the door hits ya

posted by lindomotorsports at 05:27 PM on January 17, 2009

Jaguars Will Dump Leftwich, Rely on Garrard to Start

i dunno, but Garrard looks like a good back up....not the man to get you over the evidenced by his failure last season...i like del Rio but some of his decisions have been a lil out of left field.....time will tell...tho i like the jags.( GO GIANTS) i just dont think Garrard has the poise of Leftwich ...and poise counts

posted by lindomotorsports at 07:04 PM on August 31, 2007

Rewritting Ali's history

com'on if they can rehabilitate Nixon's image they can gloss over some of Ali's life.

posted by lindomotorsports at 04:52 PM on January 30, 2007

T.O. on Parcells: "Our play was not indicative of what we could have done. What we should have done. Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level.

first of all its rather interesting that so many people pick up on my misspelling of racism as if its ssooooo important guess they NEVER mistyped was even funnier when some moron criticized my spelling and misspelled his criticism (LMAO)...( however its spelled, its not something i am interested in and really don't care how it's spelled)anyway as i mentioned those that suffer from that mental disorder don't recognize or may not know they have it. And saying that someone pointing out others is in fact pointing at them selves...guess anything you say about others is about you then...meaning whatever you said about TO is really about you? Also racism is so much a part of american culture and mindset that i contend that some are prejudiced even if they don't practice it and some may even supress it. Just because you don't kill people doesn't mean you never thought of it. Anyway here is what bothers me ...why is it only guys like TO that the media chose to portray in a negative light... and then the clowns suck up what they sell and choose to write all this negative stuff about someone they don't know, or never have and will never meet...all you do is see these guys for a few moments in their lives on TV and you conclude all this negative stuff....what exactly has TO done wrong...the sharpie incident, wanting the ball, wanting to win, ranting when he is losing, the dallas logo incident...???...there are many i am sure, but where do we all get off telling others how to seems that this is a trend in America, the desire to dictate to others how they should behave...a slavery hangover no doubt....and if you don't do as we say we will dis you in the media, or in some cases bomb you into yesterday...or do what ever to ruin your career cause you don't behave the way WE want you to. Anyway nuff said.....typing in a chat forum is not a sport...on to the next topic

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T.O. on Parcells: "Our play was not indicative of what we could have done. What we should have done. Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level.

sure TO is a bad guy, according to you clowns, and that would mean a moron like Jeremy Shockey is just "a guy who is full of energy"...figures we know where you all are coming from....and it takes a big headline to announce that Mike Vick got his water bottle confiscated but nary a mention that the results came back negative and he was vindicated, typical of a mental disorder called racisim. but since you all suffer from it you will never recognize it. And by the that commercial where a guy holds up a players jock strap and the voice over says..."you'll never make it in the NFL" so this applies to all you clowns who like to criticise TO you all couldnt catch half the passes he did if you had four hands cause "you'd never make it in the NFL"

posted by lindomotorsports at 08:06 PM on January 23, 2007