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An Open Letter to Bill Simmons and ESPN.

but as a Simmons reader I think the real issue is how he has taken every opportunity to rip Clay Bennet, David Stern and the "Team That Shall Not Be Named" at every turn for moving the team from Seattle yet can gloss over this one with a quick thumbs up and move on.

He explained this in his podcast. The reason being that Sacramento "stole" the Kings in the first place and it's only right that they go back to KC.

He has also stated that his largest complaint with the Seattle situation was that no team that has won a championship should be allowed to move.

Not saying these arguments don't have holes, but that's his position.

posted by turacma at 09:20 AM on March 19, 2009

Pats Making Move For Moss

crqri, I may have beat, you, but I didn't do a very good job of proof-reading my post. My apologies to brainofdtrain. crqri: you bring up a valid point about who will get catches. There's now a glut of wide-outs. I suspect that, much like last season when they had seemingly signed every older DB on the market, a lot will fall out during training camp and preseason schedule. My expectation (echoed by the talking heads at the Globe) is that Stallworth and Moss will most likely be the 1-2 guys, Welker the primary slot receiver while everyone else (Caldwell, Gafney, et al) will fight out for the remaining playing time. Considering a lot of the guys they signed have had a history of injuries at certain points in their careers I'm glad they have a bunch to pull from.

posted by turacma at 05:58 PM on April 29, 2007

Pats Making Move For Moss

brainoftrain: They added Adalius Thomas, Tory James, and Eddie Jackson; franchised Asante Samuels (though haven't signed him yet), and used their first first-rounder on safety Brandon Meriweather. The Thomas addition will make the biggest impact, but assuming that they work out a contract with Samuels they'll be bringing back almost every starter on a defense that set a franchise record for fewest allowed points in a season. The thing I'm absolutely shocked about is that Moss agreed to restructure his contract to the extent that he did. the Boston Globe is reporting he was originally slated to get almost $10 million next year and after the restructure he'll be getting about $3 million (plus incentives). As a life-long Pats fan, this makes me feel even better about this deal knowing they've gone out of their way to minimize the risk involved financially. They've addressed one of their glaring holes from last season (wide-out), gained depth in the secondary (which was decimated late last year), and signed one of the biggest names in the FA market. I don't know how anyone could not put this team in the top 2 or 3 teams with the best chance to win it all next year.

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Chargers flushed, Peyton vs. Brady again

On fourth down, why doesn't McCree just knock the ball down???? This bothers me every time I see it, a DB more interested in his stats and getting on TV then what's going on in the game. Why in god's name would you want to intercept a 4th down pass, and why does no one point this out in any of the coverage I've seen? I'm pretty sure Ed Reed did the same in the Indy game just the day before. Just knock it down! As for next week's game, as a Pat's homer, I would point out that the last two meetings were not really indicative as to what will happen. In 2005 the Pats were decimated with injuries and simply were incapable of defending the Colts receivers with their rag-tag band of DBs. This year, they lost Harrison in the first quarter and never really recovered and Brady started forcing passes trying to compensate. I'm sure that I'll now be mocked, and told that I'm making excuses, but it's no worse then the Peyton apologists that are still not willing to admit that he simply folds in January. I've been following the Pats since I've been old enough to comprehend the game. I suffered through the indignity of the first two SB loses and multiple 1-15 seasons in between. One of the hallmark's of the SB winning teams has been their ability to have a perpetual chip on their shoulder. As such I wasn't surprised by the celebration, not that I completely condone it.

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Well, for those of us in college, with no access to cable television or ANY ESPN channels

No cable at college? What school do you go to? Even in my freshman year dorm I could have gotten cable, but even if you chose not to get cable in your room (like me), the TV in the lounge was ALWAYS on ESPN for SportsCenter in the morning and evenings.

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Until it is no longer PC/IE-only, ESPN Motion sucks. I haven't used IE in almost a year and a half, and I don't plan on going back, thank you very much...

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Bengals sued for sucking.

The B's can slash payroll to their heart's content, find that equlibrium ticket price where they sell alot of seats, and everybody's a winner.
Well the problem is that it isn't just the price per ticket that factors into whether or not they are sold, it's the quality of the product as well. I don't care how low they lower the price of the tickets, people are not going to go to the game unless they're rooting for the other team.

That being said, personally I'm surprised the other NFL owners haven't stepped up to say anything about this. Since he took over in 1991, Mike Brown has been taking the Revenue Sharing check from the NFL and laughing all the way to bank. In 2002, profits actually went up 50 percent, due in large part to the fact that they don't have to foot the expense for the stadium. Personally if I was someone like Robert Kraft, who opened Gillette Stadium all on private money, I'd be rather pissed off that I was lining Brown's pockets.

posted by turacma at 12:46 PM on February 05, 2003

Raptors F Carter continues to lead East All-Star vote-getters.

All-Star games have NEVER meant something.
Tell that to Pete Rose and Ray Fosse. All-Star games USED to mean something, at least in the MLB. Players spent most of the their careers in either the NL or AL if not the same team. The president of each respective league would go in a give a stirring pre-game speech.... these guys genuinely didn't like eachother. Then came free agency; players flipped allegencies enough to make your head spin. It was at this point that the midseason classic lost most of its meaning.

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The Boston Expos?

Being from the Boston area, it'd be interesting to see. Plus, it might allow the owners to hold off the ticket price increase for Sox tickets, but I doubt that'll happen. If it does happen however, and the Expos tickets are cheaper than the Sox tickets, I'd probably find myself in Fenway quite a bit to see players I might never have a chance to see otherwise (even with interleague play).

posted by turacma at 03:17 PM on October 24, 2002