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The 2,000-yard Rushers

Hey, if the guy wants to retire, I say let him. After all, he was pretty successful with his fried chicken franchise, so I'm sure he's not complaining. BTW, what's with all the mistaken identity going on here? ;-)

posted by rexthewonderdog at 03:44 PM on July 06, 2006

A Tale of Two Seasons

Roberts said it best in the second post: "Edmonton played like they wanted the Cup. The Wings played like they didn't care." While the refs were atrocious for most of the series, that goes both ways. The fact is, every game was close, but one team found a way to win more often. That's not lucky - that's doing what it takes to win in the playoffs. One team did what it took to win; one team didn't.

posted by rexthewonderdog at 11:48 AM on May 03, 2006