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Lemieux meeting today with K.C. officials.


posted by viricide at 09:39 AM on January 03, 2007

The ghost of the WHA...

I miss going to whalers games. My old man had decent corporate seats and sometimes he would get box seats (ice lvl) from Norm Barnes (former whale defensemen). Brass bonanza is still the greatest post goal celebration song.

posted by viricide at 02:56 PM on June 02, 2006

Pens could be bought; moved to Hartford

I miss the chant LETS GO WHALERS!!! BRASS BONANZA HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! it failed in hfd cuz of the civic center. it was(is) terrible. Build a new building and the problem is more than halfway solved.

posted by viricide at 01:00 PM on April 07, 2006