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Official was wrong

I read all thes statements and wonder in amazement. the referees flagged the steelers what 2 times in the whole game, movement on the offence and off sides 1 time.what was it 9 pent to 2 pent and you people think the steelers were screwed.I agree with the coach when he roled over the ball did hit the ground only for a split sec but is that control ? what about all the def interference calls that werent called against the steelers ? that sure made a difference in the out come of the game also. what about the flag that wasnt aflag the steelers off line clearly moved that would had made it 4th and 6 not 4th and 1 because they picked the flag. would the steelers still had went for the 1st down NO NO NO, ever play makes a big difference in the out come of a game

posted by badsport at 11:14 PM on January 16, 2006