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Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

Pittsburgh's defense has been allowing yards all season, only to stiffen in the red zone, and keep teams from scoring. Their weekness is deep, and once an offense gets inside the twenty, they don't have the field to work with- that plays to the Steeler defense's strength. I don't buy the arguement that the fact that Seattle led the yardage and first down stat lines, as well as TOP, is evidence that the refs gave it to Pitts. One 75 yd run for a TD= 6 pts and zero first downs, and all of about 20 seconds possession time. As for those who say the game was a snooze-fest, I am inclined to agree, though this does not mean it was a BAD game. We saw two first-rate defenses at work out there.

posted by Saxman at 07:23 PM on February 06, 2006

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall

Oh, and one more... I won't open my first beer until the Steelers first score.

posted by Saxman at 01:02 PM on January 22, 2006

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall

I've worn the same Steelers T-shirt and slippers the past two weeks. I just happen to have them on now. Watch out, Broncos! BTW, last week, as Vanderchoke lined up to kick a potentially game tying field goal, I asked my wife and two boys which way we wanted to push. The boys said left. So, we got to the right side of the set, and as the kick left the ground we pushed to the left. I'm glad we did not push too hard!

posted by Saxman at 12:41 PM on January 22, 2006

Steelers Take Down Colts

are you all forgetting about bens immaculate tackle posted by sunshine at 3:43 PM CST on January 16 I love it! "The Immaculate Tackle!" Start spreading it around- If only it could get to Myron Cope...

posted by Saxman at 06:37 PM on January 16, 2006

Official was wrong

How many believe that the NFL would have admitted their mistake if the Colts had won?

posted by Saxman at 05:10 PM on January 16, 2006

Steelers Take Down Colts

Big Ben'll be, what, 22 or 23?

posted by Saxman at 10:35 PM on January 15, 2006