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Copa America Starts Tonight

Plus, it's on for free in almost the entire USA.

posted by chaz at 10:14 PM on July 06, 2004

England vs Portugal.


posted by chaz at 04:30 PM on June 24, 2004

England vs Portugal.

rui costa missed too!

posted by chaz at 04:26 PM on June 24, 2004

England vs Portugal.

Oh my god this is crazy

posted by chaz at 04:23 PM on June 24, 2004

The AL wins the All-Star game

Thank god for the internet voting-- the internet voting was way better than the stadium ballot-stuffing, err voting, so I don't get the point of your post.

posted by chaz at 06:34 PM on July 16, 2003

And then there were four.

I love Payton but hate Malone. I am pissed the lakers got him, he's a jerk and was a great rival for a long time, it just isn't right to put a big, hated rival on your squad, especially when it seems like some sort of 1993 All-Star team. I don't know, maybe I'm just drunk but I'm not into this Lakers team, and I am a life-long Laker lover. Anyway I guess the bottom line was that they got 2 amazing players for the price of 1/2 of one amazing player, so you can't knock that. It's going to be an exciting seasons, regardless.

posted by chaz at 06:13 PM on July 10, 2003

as a lakeshow fan, I personally hope this DOES NOT happen. I hate Malone and would prefer that the Lakers pick up someone younger, more interesting, and just plain cooler. Malone is a great, great player, but not a Laker.

posted by chaz at 01:37 AM on July 06, 2003