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Herman Edwards is going to Kansas City after all:

NY should hire Mariucci, good fit

posted by boat4000 at 06:40 PM on January 06, 2006

Herman Edwards is going to Kansas City after all:

1. Detroit got rid of the wrong guy, Millen should have been fired. 2. Haslett would be a moron to take that job with Millen as his boss. 3. No matter who is there, the Bears are going to be the top team in that division for the foreseeable future. 4. Herman Edwards didn't win with NY and he won't win in KC.

posted by boat4000 at 06:38 PM on January 06, 2006

Urlacher named AP Defensive Player of the Year

THIS YEAR it is probably deserved but under Jauron his numbers were always inflated. They gave him 10 - 12 tackles a game when in real life he was getting 8 or 9. He really had to make some adjustments when he no longer had Washington and that other behemoth ( whatever the hell his name is) plugging the center but again, this year, I think he deserves it.

posted by boat4000 at 06:33 PM on January 06, 2006

A-Rod to play for US? Does anybody care anymore!

A-rod the most over valued player in the history of baseball !! So what he is going to play!! And it's time for our gov't to get over the Cuba thing, Castro will be gone soon enough, wouldn't it be better NOW to start extending a bit of an olive branch than alienating whoever will be running that gov't after Castro is gone?

posted by boat4000 at 10:20 PM on January 05, 2006

Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

I hope Bret DOES play for a few more years. I am a Bears fan and it would be better to have Bret in there than some new guy 1st round draft pick that may end up being the next Joe Montana!!

posted by boat4000 at 11:07 PM on December 29, 2005

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

I think the NFL is losing viewers too. I know for me it has turned too showbiz. I just want to watch a good football game with-out the pinball machine effects i.e. Monday Night Football. T.O. got what he deserved, his word is no good and it is disturbing that crimnals like Ray Lewis are idolized by the media.

posted by boat4000 at 10:56 PM on December 29, 2005