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Where's the Flag on Heath Miller's Beheading?

When did launching yourself like a missile become good tackling technique? When did hurting the other player become more important that showing you are the better player (rather than the more dangerous player)? When did sportsmanship and ethical play totally leave the game? I guess I am just old fashion but it really disturbs me to see football being played with this mentality.

posted by Midwest Steve at 10:52 PM on December 07, 2010

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

Why is this such a big deal of a crime? Teams have been stealing signs and signals for years. True, it is against the rules, but if you don't want sign stealing, give the defensive captain a radio. The bit about owners not wanting to pay is crap. They'll pay millions for a second rate player. They can pay a couple hundred thou for a wireless setup.

posted by Midwest Steve at 09:41 AM on September 12, 2007

NBA changes ball despite player gripes

I heard an interview with Shaq in which he compared the feel of the balls. He said the old ball was like the skin of a beautiful stripper and the new ball was like touching a blowup doll. I have not seen those quotes in the press. Must be too risqué for the staid old NBA.

posted by Midwest Steve at 10:42 AM on October 06, 2006

Only the BEST should be in the playoffs.

I don't watch NBA basketball anymore (except when my wife turns it on the tube) mainly becasue of the officiating. I don't understand how a league can survie with any credibilty with the arbitrary manner that fouls are (and are not) called by NBA officials. As an example, two of the games in the Bulls-Heat series. in Chicago, tons of calls against the Heat and very few against the Bulls. Next game, tons against the Bulls, few against the Heat. Did the teams change that much over two days? Does the home court affect players and officials that much? I just don't understand it. The officiating has destroyed any respect and enjoyment I once had for the NBA. I don't watch by choice. I don't buy their stuff. There are other sports in town.

posted by Midwest Steve at 09:59 AM on May 09, 2006

Ump Dreams

My cousin is a major league umpire and has been for almost 20 years. It is so interesting at family get togethers to hear his umpire stories. It is a great gig if you love baseball, and if you can get there.

posted by Midwest Steve at 10:15 AM on September 26, 2005