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This set of "triplets" to be placed in the Cowboy "Ring Of Honor"

mrbadexample said: "And if we just take the talent of the 3 guys and remove them from the other 42 guys around them, the current Colts trio may be as good as it gets." i can't agree with this more. manning, by the time his career is done, will be one of, if not THE best QB to play the game (of course, he'll have to win some super bowls to convince certain people). marvin harrison is arguably the best reciever in the game. not only because of his amazing talent, but because he's not a trouble maker, like other recievers of the same caliber (T.O./Moss). Edge USED to be amazing. he's kind of dropped off, but still can be a faulk-esque rushing/recieving threat that can and will rack up over 1000 yards with ease. in my opinion, this trio IS as good as it gets, no doubt. and, speaking of faulk, i think this guy gets snubbed in these top rb discussions wayyy too often. a rb that can catch is just a tremendous threat. and a rb that could run and catch as well as faulk, well, i know i'd put him in AT LEAST the top 15 of all time. faulk in his prime was absolutely unstoppable.

posted by destroyer at 03:58 AM on August 28, 2005