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Chris Chelios,

Maybe he meant that Bettman should try some of his chili?

posted by IN75MILES at 02:21 PM on July 29, 2005

Chris Chelios,

He did find a place to play for $400 a week. Only it was for the Motor City Mechanics. Chelios will take a pay cut to play for the Wings and I think the Wings would retain him. Who would take a chance with him with the possible salary cap that they are talking about? Your'e right about him making that statement without thinking- regardless of Bettman's religion. He has always been a jackass and has always used the wrong choice of words in the past. Lately, it just seems to affect someone, somewhere in this delicate, pc world we have.It also makes for great radio topics and something for ESPN to pick at. But that was a bad choice of words-typical of him. Still cannot get used to him being a Wing...

posted by IN75MILES at 09:51 AM on July 12, 2005