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Barry Bonds an Angel?

what is going on with Bonds? anyone know?

posted by jdub25 at 09:54 AM on July 20, 2005

Say it Ain't So Joe!

If you guys really want to know what leads to good baseball, read the book for what it is or look up some statistical studies. The book isn't a bible. but the story how one organization took advantage of the inefficiencies in baseball recruiting. According to the book, OBP is considered to be 3X more valuable than BA. These guys did studies to find correlations b/w batting stats and runs scored, not prove the old system wrong. If you still don't believe the stats and like to go by your gut, I've got something for sale. haha

posted by jdub25 at 06:27 PM on July 08, 2005

Say it Ain't So Joe!

I would rather listen to a funny drunk like Harry Carry and an interesting stats guy to keep him in check. Steve Stone and HC were the best combo (obviously I'm from Chicago). You could just listen to them broadcast without even watching the game. But, it would be great to hear someone that truely grasps the importance of the stats and can talk with the best of them like Billy Beane.

posted by jdub25 at 09:33 AM on July 07, 2005