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The Selling of a Red Sox Nation

"There is little, in the way of advantages, that separates the Red Sox from the hated rivals." Sportswriters who tear down the Red Sox for spending and winning are silly because they get after other clubs for saving and losing. But saying they're just like the Yanks is beyond the pale. They don't have as many superstars nor endorsements. They don't have a swagger and pride that only comes with 26 championships. The Sox are historically losers, no matter what their payroll is. They are the Bad News Bears of the majors, and America (Hanks et al) has discovered them and is eating them up and rightly so. Congratulations are in order, not criticism. Little difference? Damon could never wear his hair like that in Steinbrenner's clubhouse. (he could keep his highlights, though. see A-Rod)

posted by buttersworth at 07:53 AM on July 17, 2005