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Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

You have got a superstar in the making in Dewayne Wade. Man all this talk about a superstar, Wade is good no doubt about it. But you have to give Shaq his credit. Whereever he goes another players game is elevated. Penny Hardaway what happen to him when Shaq left Orlando. Kobe well that speaks for itself. Now Wade some peaple did not even know of him until this season who's to say the same thing will not happen to him. No disrespect intended, but you have to give credit to where credit is do...........

posted by contayjust at 04:33 PM on June 09, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

Regardless of how everyone see it. Whether or not he is to old for that kind of contract. With out him the Heat most likely whould not have made it to that point in the playoff. Where ever Shaq go that team will always be a threat to whoever.

posted by contayjust at 04:23 PM on June 09, 2005