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here comes the phillies

No. my personal opionion, which is a bit bias because I'm a Houstonian, is that the Phillies rotation is not average it's below average, not one big name on that staff. Thier lineup is pretty good but, big but I'll take pitching over hitting any day and the Astros have the best pitching in the leauge, they have been a little off as of late but I belive they will snap and get back on track. The Phillies who have been hot will hit a wall in this next series and the astros shoukd beat these mediocre teames they are facing. Of cousre in the end it will be very close but I'll say houston by half a game

posted by Footballgouy51 at 09:58 PM on August 25, 2005

49ers Lineman Dies After Game

Man this really sucks the guy was a friend of mine.............. this is so hard for me

posted by Footballgouy51 at 10:38 PM on August 21, 2005

Who is the real Shaquille?


posted by Footballgouy51 at 07:53 PM on June 05, 2005

Larry Brown is no Dean Smith

He is happy when things are going bad and sad when they are going good. he should retire now and keep his dignity he truly is a great coach though I mean come on he took the Clippers to the playoffs, he is the only coach to win a ncaa championship and nba championship he is a hall of famer show him some respect

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George Mikan dies at age 80

HE was a true great at 6'10" 250 basketball had to change the entire game for anbody to stand a chance agaisnt the lakers or depaul 99 was the greatest basketball player of the first half of the century the first real superstar very classy for shaq to say he would pay for the funeral. the nba, nfl and mlb should really try and help their first superstars the nfl wouldnt be here without red grange the nba wouldnt be here without George Mikan. R.I.P and tell God i'm sorry

posted by Footballgouy51 at 01:03 PM on June 03, 2005

Rolling Rangers!

I love the rangers I live in houston i love the astros but they truly suck this year no bats. i'm going up to dallas to watch the rangers my friend has seson tickets I just knew every thing would come together for the rangers but they do need ryan drese to stepup well chris young isnt exactly a rookie he stared about 15 games last year but he is pitiching pretty asewpme

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MLB's All Porn Mustache Team

Jeff Bagwellhref="">

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MLB's All Porn Mustache Team

Jeff Bagwell

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MLB's All Porn Mustache Team

for real porn is evil and the last time i looked at it (about 30 minutes ago) I didnt see any dudes or mustaches

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