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Mal Glazer 1 Man Utd 0

Although I do understand the average European football fan's displeasure at the Glazer takeover of Man U, I think they are also over-reacting. It is natural for fans of a team to fear change (especially a change they don't understand). First off Man U is the most recognized sports franchise in the world. What did Man U fans think was going to happen with a club that widely popular that is open for sale? I do not know the Glazer's personally, but I do not think this take over has to do with greed as has been suggested. It has to do with status. The Glazer's would probably by the Yankee's if Stienbrenner would sell. They just want to own the world's most popular and recognizable sports franchise so they can in turn be that recognizable as well. I don't think someone would risk that much without some type of personal affection for the team. Finally I want to address the issue of the debt. Do not worry, many profitable buisnesses opperate using a debt to extend itself in ways not possible before. The debt will allow the Glazer's to buy more top talent and restore Man U back to its former self. Why would someone pay so much and then sell off the parts that do not total up to the ammount they paid for it? Instead they are going to get better players to improve the team and also their own personal status which is what this is all about.

posted by bksfilm at 01:45 PM on May 16, 2005