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Sports highlight reel in crack cocaine form

I just found this yesterday off a torrent site, and immediately wondered if someone had actually catalogued it. What a great job, grum. Here's a few things I know: 0:01 - Johnson vs Bird, Michigan State/Indiana State, likely in 1979 national championship 0:03 - The Cardinals of this era were known as the "Gashouse Gang", and that's a pretty famous video clip of their wacky ways. One of those guys is probably pitcher Dizzy Dean; maybe the keystone combo of Frankie Frisch (2B) & Joe Medwick (SS); Johnny Mize (1B) was also a star 0:04 - definitely American long jumper Bob Beamon 0:13 - maybe George Mikan? (pro hoops' first big superstar -- Minneapolis Lakers) 0:18 - definitely Joe Louis (in suit) 0:31 - old man may be Baron de Coubertin, the man responsible for the modern Olympics in 1896 0:34 - 1956-57 Boston Celtics (NBA champions): Red Auerbach hugging Bob Cousy, Bill Russell at right 0:40 - Byron Nelson, golfer 0:44 - John Wooden, UCLA basketball coaching legend 0:50 - lefty Rod Laver, the greatest tennis player of all-teim 0:52 - possibly Sugar Ray Robinson doing the punching? 2:14 - Jim Brown 2:17 - Bill Russell 2:25 - "Pistol" Pete Maravich 3:18 - Michael Jordan at UNC 3:26 - Alabama & Texas A&M football coaching legend Bear Bryant (in checked hat) 3:26 - UNC legendary coach Dean Smith (hugging point guard Jimmy Black) 3:27 - Joe Paterno of Penn State, not Ara Parseghian 3:54 - Byron Nelson, golf superstar (again: same as at 0:40). Won 11 PGA events in a row. 4:32 - Deion Sanders (not Dion) 4:34 - O.J. Simpson 4:38 - college basketball team winning game -- jersey looks like "Indiana" to me, player #23 5:10 - some baseball player celebrates 2000 somethings: has to be runs or RBIs, right? Hits would be kinda mundane... 5:12 - unknown golfer -- does the garb look like Watson (again?) 5:23 - 1999 Ryder Cup celebration by Justin Leonard, hero of the U.S. team 5:24 - Tennessee Vols player ? crying on coach Pat Summit's shoulder 5:30 - outfielder goes over the fence to catch a ball before it becomes a home run (who? when?) -- looks like an Oakland A, maybe

posted by IstariGrey at 10:05 PM on May 08, 2005