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NHL Faces Competition from Russian Tycoon's New European League

I was amazed when I took my first trip to London recently and I noticed the free newspapers provided by my hotel mentioned the scores of NHL games on the front page of the Sports section. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone in London really cared if the Ducks beat the Sharks, since I as an American couldn't care less. :)

posted by mathowie at 12:07 PM on December 17, 2007

Awesome short video from last night's CBS News

No way, Disney actually inquired about buying the rights to the story.

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Hey, quit metafiltering up this thread. Ha!

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England v Brazil

Thank god we're getting a break. I've spent too many days sitting around the house watching the previous night's tivo'd recordings well past noon, then getting to work after 1.

posted by mathowie at 08:02 PM on June 18, 2002

US v Mexico

Wow, that was some ugly play. Lots of pointless yellow cards, a few uncalled that could have been red cards, and lots of intentional attacks. I'm glad it's over and amazed the US came out on top.

posted by mathowie at 03:31 AM on June 17, 2002

I'm really surprised the Lakers pulled it off. Make no mistake, I've been a life-long Laker fan, but even I would admit they were being beaten silly in this series. The Kings were a better team in every game; when the Lakers were kicking ass and playing well, they'd only be up three or four points and in the course of a few seconds Sacramento could turn the tide and be up by five. The officiating Friday night was crap and it was the only reason why they won the game.

posted by mathowie at 11:46 PM on June 02, 2002

Dude, if you can't beat them, invent your own sport.

I used to snowboard multiple times a week back in college, and the best snowboarders, worldwide, were all in the Nordic countries. The best, by far, snowboarder alive (easily the Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan of the snow) is Terje Haakonsen (or however you spell it, I'm too lazy to look up the proper number of o's with dots over them). He boycotted the 1998 games because he felt they were a spectacle that wasn't helpful of the sport. Everyone at the 98 olympics knew that Terje would have taken it easily (he had won every world contest he entered that year). I was a bit surprised to see few recognizable names in the finals, the europeans really dominate the sport now. Did they not allow professional snowboarders in this year? Was there a mass boycott by riders? (I haven't read a snowboard magazine in a year, so I wouldn't know this time around).

posted by mathowie at 01:26 PM on February 12, 2002

Patriotism and its place

My only worry with the focus on USA's recent terrorist acts is that it makes us look like we're the only country in the world that's ever suffered a terrorist act. Ireland, Israel, and a handful of other countries that also participate in the olympics have experienced massive terrorist acts before. When I saw special attention brought to the US in the ceremonies, I felt bad that we've never seen anything like it before at other games, and the US appropriated the games for some sympathy from the world. Contrary to what US television displays, it's supposed to be an event where individuals push themselves to excel in sports events. It's not an us-vs-them race for medals or a way to see which country is best.

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Yeah, if the person posted to specific sites, it could be salvageable. I guess my point is that demonstrating how new members should act is going to be difficult, as it is on metafilter.

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What I'm trying to say is that the links posted are non-links, and the person just wants to talk about stuff for the sake of talking about it.

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So the funny part is, me and kirk were talking last night at length about how to prevent this very thing. This site isn't talk radio, but people are going to want to treat it like a mailing list, troll for their favorite teams, etc. How on earth can we prevent it? (besides leading by example of course)

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test post

I fixed the posting forms, just added a rough category page, and hyperlinked the logo, as I found myself using it instead of the nav a lot. Tomorrow Kirk and I work out the CSS issues and I continue fixing other stuff.

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Hey this would be a great post here [via MeFi].

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because I beat him to the signup?

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this is a test

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Don't worry about the edit/delete controls and the IPs, they're just part of the admin view

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