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"You know I've got one of those wonderful ideas ... women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances."

The only thing that makes Danika special is that she is a female. Shes not an incredible racer, or a great personality. She simply looks better on camera to the redneck idiots that watch nascar.

posted by jamesasteven at 10:25 AM on June 21, 2005

Student sues, left off volleyball team

Its sad that in this world poeple feel they are owed something by their schools, government, or anyone for that matter. Yes we all pay taxes, and we should receive benifit for our input. If you are upset with your school go to a different one. Schools recieve extra tax dollars if they feild more teams. If there are enough JV quality girls to have a team then they can have a team. I went to a High School that had A freshman A,B, and C basketball teams, 2 JV teams, and a Varsity for Guys. But the girls had a JV team and a varsity team. Wow doesnt that sound unfair. It does just based on that knowlege. There were many girls that went home crying because they werent as talented as others. They wondered why the guys have more teams to play on. The answer was that the other schools in the district didnt have teams to play against. They were in the same boat. It sucks for the girls who never got to play, but instead of litigating your way on to a team, why not try working harder, or heres a thought. Try something different.

posted by jamesasteven at 01:27 PM on May 04, 2005

I never knew marijuana was a performance-enhancing drug.

Reguardless if you think its ok or wrong to smoke weed, it is still illegal to do so. It doesnt matter whether its a profesoinal league or not. Illegal is illegal. I think if its said to be preformance enhancing its ludacris. But nevertheless its illegal.

posted by jamesasteven at 04:46 PM on April 14, 2005