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Piazza goes to Padres

Yeah Mike Piazza is such a great 1B they should make him play first. I mean the guy played a whole 0 games at first last year....don't you think if he was any good at 1B or even maybe partly decent the Mets would've used him there, but he's not so good pick up Kevin Towers, your team's really getting better now.

posted by kurt71 at 09:01 PM on January 29, 2006

"If steroids are cheating, why isn't LASIK?"

That was the stupidest article that I have ever read. What kind of little child wrote the article that the link is to? A week ago, Tiger Woods was celebrated for winning golf's biggest tournament, the Masters, with the help of superior vision he acquired through laser surgery. With the help of Superior vision? Tiger woods sees 20/20. That is what your born with. That's the correct eyesight that your susposed to have!!! If you have less than that, it could be from tons of different things and you would wear contacts or glasses instead. The Lasik proceedure only corrects your vision to what it is susposed to be, it doesn't make your vision some ungodly amount better than everyone else. Get a clue and a life. Steroids is cheating and it always will be...

posted by kurt71 at 07:12 PM on April 19, 2005

Dodgers shock Giants in ninth.

Man o man the front page is gonna get cluttered if we start making a new entry for Every. Single. Baseball game. You must be a Giants fan :P I usually post on the Dodgers - Giants Rivalry mostly...never about the lame Diamondbacks :) I thought with Benitez out there, and with J.D. Drew coming up the game was over, but Benitez struggled and the unfortunate happened for Giants fans. Plus the post was to discuss Armondo Benitez's newly acquired Mariano Rivera virus....or maybe all the closers right now are struggling bad...Rivera, Benitez, Folke, good closer is being effective at this point in time.

posted by kurt71 at 10:58 PM on April 12, 2005

Spreadin the boos.

Rivera has some real struggles that only come with the Red Sox. Since 2001, including post season, Mariano has only blown 16 saves against other teams while blowing 11 saves against the Red Sox alone. Hopefully Rivera will get out of the funk that he's in and regain his control too, but the Yankee's and Red Sox play another what 16 times or so, so it might be a long year for Rivera if the Red Sox keep lighting him up like that. ohhh and A-rod needs to learn how to handle the hot corner a little better than that...making two errors on the same play was pretty pathetic for Yankee fans. Paying so much for someone to drop the ball in the clutch, not once, but twice....ouch.

posted by kurt71 at 02:37 PM on April 07, 2005

They got one.

Billy - The A's Castillo got a 60 game suspension because of him getting a third failed test

posted by kurt71 at 06:39 PM on April 06, 2005