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Gagne Done For Season

It's a very major surgery which, if performed wrong, can end a pitcher's career. However, it has been proven that a lot of pitchers who have had Tommy John surgery pitch better than pitchers who haven't had Tommy John surgery.

posted by Pickles84 at 08:22 AM on June 22, 2005

Is The Hall Of Fame Out Of The Question For Mark McGwire?

There are people at my message forum that seem to have their differences and opinions about this topic too. Take a look at what they said at: -Thanks-

posted by Pickles84 at 01:45 PM on March 27, 2005

Miracle shot

I watched that game, and I watched that shot. I was cheering for the other team because my cousin goes to the other school, but it truly was an amazing shot. It makes it even better that it was a last-second shot to keep the game alive and send it into double overtime, and it eventually helped his team (Hopkins) to a win. After the game, the kid tried to make the exact same shot again, and it took him 21 tries to make a basket. The shot was so amazing that he was on Good Morning America.

posted by Pickles84 at 11:44 PM on March 22, 2005

Bonds May Miss 2005 Season

Even though Barry Bonds is hurt and he's getting older, a big reason why he might not play at all this season is definitely because of the media. He can play through pain, as he has proven numerous times in the past. Every time Bonds was hurt, the media said that the pain was no problem for him. Bonds wanted to live up to the media's expectations, so he always tried as much as he could to play while he was hurt. And when he couldn't play, the media always bothered him and always asked him when he would come back to play. When Barry Bonds started to reach the home run record, the media always had a set number for him to reach by the end of each season. If Barry reached the set number that season, the media had an even higher number set the next season. If he didn't reach the set number, the media would say that there's something wrong with him. It's a "no win" situation. And the reason why Barry Bonds always tried to do what the media wanted him to do, was because the media has such a strong influence on the fans of baseball. And Bonds has always tried to do want the fans would love to see him do.

posted by Pickles84 at 11:33 PM on March 22, 2005