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Crooked ref claims NBA fixes games

As a fan, frustrated yet seeking real justice, I would like to propose a three-step solution to the matter regarding Tim Donaghy's claims. Step one. Take the Sacramento vs. Los Angeles Game Six of 2002 video-tape and have the three refs of the game sit down at a table, in an open (C-Span style) press conference. Each referee will have a monitor in front of them replaying the game- while on the sides of the room large monitors will play the same video for the press. Step two. Everyone watches while the refs give their shpeel, defending every call or non-call throughout the game. *Important - The press can not interfere or ask questions until after the game. Step three - Open it up to press discussion - while a moderator controls the video to aid review of any area in question. In other words, if David Stern wants to stand by the outrageous officiating of game 6 in 2002, then let him stand by it, and send his boys in there to do the same. I do not agree with Marcos Brenton's (SACBEE 6/12/08) assertion that complaining should be immediately recognized as "whining," and I do not fear the labels of conspiracy theorist or whiner. Because it is not the whiner who is propelled to positive action, and who demands justice. It is precisely the whiner who does nothing, demands nothing and is as easily forgotten as he/she is dismissed. NBA fans who truly love this game, should therefore demand justice and restitution in this regard. As fans, while our very love and loyalty wavers, should we expect no less? The NBA should be thankful to have such fans! And finally, to make my point. Let us look to last year's Superbowl in the NFL. Nationwide sports fans witnessed the triumph of an underdog, and more importantly saw fruition in a team who knew how to dream and believe. When this championship occurred, while many in Boston were dismayed, many more nationwide were enlivened and engaged. It was (to coin an oxymoron) a very real, magical event. This is what is at stake, to know that a similar dream in Sacramento, was tarnished by the greed and self-motivated interests of a higher authority is simply unsportsmanlike and unAmerican! We as sports fans, as dreamers and believers, should demand no less. Let's get it done. Sincerely, Justin P. Nash

posted by megaronin at 11:33 AM on June 12, 2008