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Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

As for A and B, I'm therefore shocked that a team like the Phillies (and their fans) would have Brett Myers, or the Red Sox would have Julio Lugo. Unless, of course, fans think alleged spousal abuse (with signed statements from the victim) is more acceptable than alleged steroid use. I understand where you are going with your comment, but, how many records have been broken because of spousal abuse? Steroids? The general fan base seems to have more tolerance for criminals than cheaters and liars. That is right, liars. Cheaters always will try to put the blame on someone else but at the same time they are first in line to take credit for the accomplishments.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 12:29 PM on June 28, 2008

As the Apple turns...

Most of the starters, from position players to pitchers, have been injured all season long. How is that his fault? BornIcon, Here is where we can put our teams aside. I am a Dodger fan, you are a Mets fan. Both teams are utterly disabled with injuries to key players. Why don't the "bosses in charge" go after their fitness coaches? If these players were in better physical condition, these debilitating injuries would not have happened. i.e., Furcal - lower back sprain; Nomar - calf muscle injury; Jones - knee; Schmidt - arm, and so on. If these players had been properly conditioned in the preseason, their injuries would have been minor and their absence from the lineup minimal. You can change the team and the names but the story is the same. Who does the fitness coach report to? That is right. Mets - reported to Willie Randolph; Dodgers - reports to Joe Torre. Who do I blame? Willie and Joe. They should have made sure their players were ready for the season and they did not. This does not make me any less of a Dodger fan, but it disappoints me that these professional athletes do not seem to take physical conditioning seriously any more. Maybe if they did not get paid for games not played due to a physical fitness deficiency they would come to the park better prepared. I am not talking about injuries due to an incident in the game, i.e., hit by pitch, collision at a base, just those due to improper conditioning. I have a personal friend who, as a rookie second baseman with the White Sox (In the late ninetys) was playing winter ball in Latin America. He came home early with a ribcage muscle sprain because he did not warm up properly beforing taking batting practice. He is now with the Giants and I can only root for him when they are not playing the Dodgers, but he knows the importance of physical conditioning and preparation for the game(s). Maybe those in charge will wake up and get after the right person.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 07:40 PM on June 17, 2008

Upon further review, He's out!!!

While giving the umpires credit where credit is due, they do a pretty good job out there. I would have to place the controversy blame on the teams who, instead of fences, simply paint a yellow line to mark where the homerun shot would have to clear. These types of situations should be regulated in future construction and be eliminated from construction plans by MLB. If there were a fence and the baseball clears the fence, IT IS A HOMERUN. If it doesn't, the BALL IS IN PLAY. It used to be that simple until stadiums were built with yellow lines instead of fences. Let's get it fixed before every stadium has yellow lines. Give the umps a chance to be able to make accurate calls. I don't have any stats to back this up, but I would guess that the umps are correct in their calls at least 98% of the time. Despite this accuracy level, the replay would be necessary due to the statistic minded players and fans. How would player Z feel if he were to come up one homerun short of the all time hoimerun record and know that he had been cheated out of four or five during his career? We have to have a way to get it right until fences once again replace yellow lines.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 11:15 AM on June 16, 2008

Upon further review, He's out!!!

Come on people. Baseball, like football, is no longer a sport, it is simply big business dealing in the entertainment of the fans. If, for some unknown reason, the umpires are down on a certain team, this would level the playing field for them and the millions of dollars at stake. I have seen many plays called obviously wrong that have completely changed the complexion of the game. If the managers were given a limit on how many plays may be challenged (as they are in football), then only those that really matter would be looked at. Homeruns that carom back into the field of play should receive an automatic review. This is becoming necessary to straighten out the crooked umpires and reinforce the good ones. Any umpire worth his salt should welcome the chance to prove he has made the proper call. Unlike football where you have to wonder if the player "made a football move" after he got the ball; how many feet did he have down, did the ball cross the plane of the goal line, etc., these reviews should take only a minute to see if the ball cleared the fence or if the tag was made. Hooray for finally taking some action. By the way, if baseball is too slow moving for you, there is a channel selector you can use to switch to cricket, soccer, or some other sissy sport.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 06:35 PM on June 14, 2008

Crooked ref claims NBA fixes games

Cheating in basketball? Next thing I read will be that wrestling is not real!!!! What will be next. Gee, I wonder is the World Series of Poker is on the level or do the favorites get cards dealt off the bottom of the deck?

posted by RAZORDODGER at 09:34 PM on June 11, 2008

You got Rondo'd.

The national announcers just don't have a clue. If he were not wearing a Celtics uniform he would be the greatest thing since apple pie. I guess it's ok to rape and pillage, etc., as long as you wear Lakers gold. But, if you have good character and just play well, you just don't get the credit! The fans in Boston have joined the bandwagon on this young man and the national media has no basis for trying to cast doubt simply because he is not a LAKER! The Rondo lingo has really began catching on, i.e., you have just been Rondo'ed. They won't do that if they are not completely behind him. Boston fans can be the most loyal or the most critical. They just don't seem to ride the fence. GO CELTICS and Rondo around those media ignoramices and prepare for a big Rondo (celebration).

posted by RAZORDODGER at 09:48 AM on June 07, 2008


Good on him. I hope he knows this means he'll never be allowed to pee directly into a toilet again. Ain't it a shame that will all the drug allegations out there, someone will probably question his integrity and then a lab will botch the test results, (France) and he will be stripped of whatever medals(s). Why should he even waste his time? Why don't they simply accuse and prosecute in one easy motion?

posted by RAZORDODGER at 04:10 PM on June 02, 2008

Josh Beckett Won't Return My Phone Calls

Regardless of how much they get paid, that doesn't mean they're any better at handling criticism than anyone else. I do understand what you are saying, but, professional athletes are also entertainers and the public and media scrutiny comes with the territory. They know this when they enter this profession. They are expected to withstand the criticism better than the average person. How much they are paid has nothing to do with it. They do need to remember that without the fans, they would be unemployed. You don't push away your source of income. The kids may not have much money, but the parents are probably catering to their desires.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 10:08 PM on May 24, 2008

Josh Beckett Won't Return My Phone Calls

I can't imagine how poorly I'd do my boring, humdrum job if there were a running public commentary about whether I'm committed to bringing it 100% every day. Well, drumdance, it is time to wake up. How many people are paying their hard earned dollars to come to your workplace and watch you earn a living? I know not too many would come watch me sort packages and overnight letters at the UPS hub. Think about your statement before you post it. Sports has always created "heroes" for the young and young at heart. These "heroes", thanks to the media, have high standards to live up to. I remember when Brooks Robinson made the statement thant the owners didn't know it but most of them would have played for free. Those are the "heroes" that I look up to. These athletes now don't give a crap about the fans or the club they play on. I witnessed Barry Bonds refuse to sign an autograph for an elementary school age fan by pushing him back out of the way. Idols can crash too, can't they Barry?

posted by RAZORDODGER at 09:15 PM on May 23, 2008

Maple Bats: One of Baseball's Most Dangerous Weapons

What safety issues have caused their being banned in St. Louis? I am glad, though.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 04:59 PM on May 10, 2008

Maple Bats: One of Baseball's Most Dangerous Weapons

I can't even imagine major league baseball using the god awful aluminum bat. I would give up the sport first.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 02:20 PM on May 10, 2008

Maple Bats: One of Baseball's Most Dangerous Weapons

Research on the two woods used in bat making shows there is no difference in distance when striking the baseball. Why will it take a tragedy to support a ban on the maple bats? What is next? Balsa wood bats for those who complain about the weight of ash? I sure hope not!!!! Safety of the players, coaches, fans and umpires should be of the utmost importance!!! This is one area the union needs to stay out of.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 01:19 PM on May 10, 2008

Blind bowler, The Hammer, rolls 300 game

Great story. Maybe if I closed my eyes, I could bowl better too!!! Best thing about the story is no one is asking him to submit to a steroid test.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 07:29 PM on May 08, 2008

So it finally comes to an end. Julio Franco has retired.

Hey Budman -- Is Francisco Franco still dead?

posted by RAZORDODGER at 05:13 PM on May 07, 2008

Stolen Bases Are On the Rise

It's about time to see the AL playing small ball, too. Steals are an important part of the game, eliminating double play chances, entering scoring position, etc. All they need now is to can the DH and they will really be playing baseball again.

posted by RAZORDODGER at 08:35 PM on May 05, 2008