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Steve Downie at it again.

First response: the TSN article makes no mention of a thumb, just a sucker punch, and the video is at best inconclusive, and since when does a thumb to the eye cause the purple bruise around the eye? yes he sucker-punched him, dumb move, but certainlty not unusual in the NHL. Yes, the Flyers need to smarten-up, the best eveidence perhaps being that an out-of-control play by Hatcher may cost the team one of their scoring leaders. As to the "cheap shots", the microscope has been on them since the Downie hit in the pre-season, and comes from people like Simon and Bertuzzi in the past, so lets not count how many other suspensions have been handed out in the league, but rather how many other "cheap-shots" there have been. I might even mention the no-call on the late in the game cross-check from behind by Sundin on a full speed Timmonen, making him lucky to have hit the Leaf's net because it stopped him from going into the boards. Also see u-tube for Afinogenov slew foots/kicks Upshall, no call.

posted by e at 01:32 AM on January 07, 2008