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Iron City Blues

The fans of the BUCS still believe and will return to a team that management truly believes in - not just stiffs in jersies.

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Adolf Hitler, Cowboys Fan

being a Mountaineer, Steeler fan living in Dallas, can't help but enjoy the pain the Cryboy fans are going through - saw the video last week - hilarous

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Seattle defeats Washington,

talking about the PATs. I guess I'm the only one who thinks that there are two types of calls by officials, ones for Brady and Manning and one for the rest of the league. To beat New England you need to pray for more than snow because even then a fumble is not a fumble, its a "tuck"??

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Seattle defeats Washington,

to jmd82 - interesting note - when John Madden complains about "non calls" the officiating is bad. Kinkd of like the non holding calls in the OK - WVU game when the rout was on

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Seattle defeats Washington,

Willie parker is a very good back who will be coming off a serious ankle injury in most cases, the back is rarely the same Also - how is it that most teams have two very decent RB's but PGH on ly had willie

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Seattle defeats Washington,

It became clear early in the game that the officials were going to overlook holding calls and JAXs took advantage of it right to the end. The only thing that truly bothered me was the fact that the officials called a "holding call" on the 2 point conversion which neither Madden or Michaels could detect during multiple replays. for weeks now, TV has been hyping a potential JAX vs PATs game calling the JAXs the team to watch out for. My guess is we are seeing the league in action setting up the marque games via the bad/no call. oh well - for the Steelers it just means a better draft pick where hopefully they can pick up a running back or OF lineman. Both of which they truly need. Also - can we say goodbye to the 3-4 scheme next year.

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On-Field Tryout Earns Stewart WVU Head Spot

the key to success in college football is simple recruit the talent motivate the talent coach the talent Coach Stew shows that he can motivate and coach the talent. Now he must show that he can recruit the talent. This includes both players and assistant coaches. Let's wait and see - I suspect we will all be pleasantly surprised a few years from now.

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On-Field Tryout Earns Stewart WVU Head Spot

nice win for a great program. Amazing how a little bit of leadership and positive reinforcement helps take the talent to the next level I am curious though, does anyone know when former coach Rod first started to talk to Michigan?? was it before or after the Pitt game?

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For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

after watching the game last night, I began to wonder---- does anyone know when Coach Rod and Michigan 1st hooked up discussions? Was it BEFORE the PITT game? Just wondering???

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For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

To me, all RR had to say was look guys, as much as I love my state and my school, I'd hate myself if I didn't try to coach at um given all of its tradition. Instead, RR took the "other path" and tried to make it sound like WVU 'abandon him' forcing him to leave. To me, this is no different than when a 2 year old craps his pants and blames his mother because she forgot to ask him if he needed to go to the bathroom. RR is gone, and that's that. However, as I said before, the whole world of college sports is watching this one to see if "a deal is a deal." As far as WVU, per RR, "reneging and not letting the players keep their books after class is over so they can sell them and pocket some extra money, "like some other programs do." If you notice RR did not mention any of these other programs by name because the practice of letting players "sell" their books for change is a potential serious NCAA violation. Just ask Mickster about part time jobs at car dealerships. If you notice Coach Stoops put a quick end to that practice once he learned what was really up with that. Lastly, while I am a WVU grad, I sent one of my children to UM as unlike their sports programs, their music school has not lost a beat...

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For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

no there is not better school than michigan. there are some on the same level (i.e. USC, notre dame, florida, LSU, texas) but michigan has the most wins of any school at the div. I level Elijahin - stop drinking the BLUE Koolade its bad for your health YES UM has the most wins of any D1 school but both Ford and GM have sold the most cars ever ........ Bottom line is Rod has moved on to UM, WVU will get over it but the whole world of college football is now watching to see if a "contract is a contract."

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For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

Agreed, let's learn the whole story. but always remember the old saying, once a snake always a snake Everyone crying about how great Coach Rich was should look at what is happening in BB with Huggy bear coming back. Our mistake was not getting him back 5 years ago when we had the chance. Does anyone truly believe that Miami, VT and BC's leaving did not have an impact on Coach Rich's "greatness." While I loved and cherished the victory over GA a couple years ago, the game I watched was more a case of GA beating GA and our holding on for the win. Bottom line to me is that a Great Coach "coaches" because he loves the game, loves the school and loves the students and alumni. Coach Rich loved the mirror. (give me another Bowden, or even an 81 year old JoePA) buts thats just my voiceofreason

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