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Barry's Back In Frisco

Bonds wins by a knockout in the third round.

posted by Guilty Bystander at 12:06 PM on December 07, 2007

Bonds will boycott HOF

Bonds has been investigated by the Fed. 4.5 years now and they have little to nothing on him. If they had any kind of case they could bring to trial, that's where it would be. The media has already found Bonds guilty "apriori". I have read the book "Game of Shadows" and the part about Bonds might have been titled "Evidence of Shadows",because thats what it is. The Fed. has spent more money investigating Bonds than they did on "Al Capone". We see the results, silence. The media is close to running this country, but they are not there yet. It's time for the Fed. to put up or shut up and the media as well.

posted by Guilty Bystander at 01:38 PM on November 02, 2007