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Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

U pay him to play football what i do on my time had nothing to do with what i do on the field. all the league should be worried about is can he play or not. You let him and his lawyers and the United States government deal with off the field issues. If he has the money to get out of trouble when he causes it so be it. White people been doing this but when u have money your able to avoid penalties a lot of the time. So dont be mad that he had got into a lot of off the field troubles he has not been convicted of anything so therefore he is innocent the same as O.J. rather u think he did it or no he did it the court system said he didnt so thats the end of that. But you got all these old white people and uncle tom black people wanting to make a statement. Talking about its a priviledge to play in the NFL those men earned their way into the league and if the were not good enough to play the teams would have drafted the players. Its a priviledge for the league to have these players so all you white people complaining can continue to make the big bucks that u been making and black people to.

posted by zznupe at 02:23 PM on April 11, 2007

Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

I hate to say this because it sounds so typical. But I really think he was harsh. Really for Pacman Jones. I would have been able to except an 8 game suspension but a whole season I dont agree with. I really think if he had good hair, blue eyes(other words if he were WHITE) the penalty would not have been as stiff. Especially a white athlete performing at a hight level

posted by zznupe at 02:35 PM on April 10, 2007