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"I call him 'The Silent Scumbag.' He's got a silent sickness to him. Those quiet guys are the ones you have to watch out for."

When Wells came back to the Yanks, I was ecstatic (never was happy about trophy-trading him for Clemens), but he seemed to have more trouble with Torre and/or Stottlemyre, plus his book came out and ruffled more feathers than I expected. Remember how furious everyone was when he wrote about steroid use? Next thing you know, Canseco talks, Congress investigates, Bonds is all over the news, and everone's forgotten what a hard time Wells got. It hurt a lot when he went to Boston, but Steinbrenner deserved it after offering him essentially nothing plus incentives because his back went out on him in the postseason. I envy you, San Diego. I'll come to see you at Shea again, like I did last time 'round. You've got a very very good team with great pitching. That will be a real game against the Mets. This is my first day with you here -- hadn't time to be funny because I wanted to get something up about Wells, but I must add that you are very clever and enjoyable writers.

posted by outofthebullpen at 04:31 AM on March 03, 2007