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Davids to bank it like Beckham?

"Yeah, but the bench guys in MLB, the NFL, and the NBA are generally making in the 100K/year range, not less than a dishwasher at the local greasy spoon." I took a job in New York making below minimun wage when I moved there in 94. It was my choice as I did not have enough experience in the my chosen field. I learnt my skills, worked hard and now run my own business back in Ireland with a Ph.D behind my name. The big guys in hospital where I worked were making megabucks. I'm not trying to bore you with my life story...just making an analogy...the guys making less than a dishwasher choose to do so in the hopes that their time will come. It's life. Sport is a business like any other, you have your high paid employees and your lower paid employees. I stand firm in my belief that signing Beckham can only do good for MLS and soccer in general. I mean, it is the leading news story on almost every sports channel world-wide. How's that for raising the profile of a league!

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Davids to bank it like Beckham?

"To think that one guy could make more in one day of practice than some guys make for a whole year of effort is pretty shocking." But isn't the same true in most professional sports, you have your bigs stars on megabucks and then your bench guys who don't make so much.

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Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

I have never been a Giants or Bonds fan, but even I can admit (secretly) that I did get excited (not like that....!) when he would come to the plate. The anticipation was pretty much knew it was going to be good. Now all of that is tainted. How very sad for MLB fans in general. All our favourites, whether to hate or love, are coming under shadows and their abilities and stats questioned. MLB needs to stop the bleeding and fast. A definitive list of banned substances should be drawn up and it be made clear that from now on any player caught with a banned substance in his system faces an automatic life time ban. Period. Fresh season, fresh start and let the rest go. Bonds will have to deal with his teammates and his fans when the season starts again..........I hope they are suitable hard on him, not only for the speed but more for the lack of team spirit and the ratting out of a teammate.

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Davids to bank it like Beckham?

Beckhams signing is making news across the soccer world. Most people outside the US did not realise that there was a professional soccer league in the US and I'll bet there are quite a few Americians who arenow thinking "must watch that". Beckham still has the skill and ability to be a star player, but more that that he will be a star draw and bring more fans to the game..........which leads to more money................which leads to more big signings.............which leads to more money............. I say this can only do the MLS profile good. I think is it a very clever move by Galaxy and will prompt more teams to do the same. The big question, of course, is how will Posh fit in to life in the City of Angels??

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David Beckham's contract will not be renewed by Real Madrid

Sure they are :-) Little hiccup last night but no problem. Jose gives the Media plenty to concentrate on before, during and after the game. Love it!

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Ripken, check. Gwynn, check. McGwire, not so much.

I thought McGwire's Statement to Congress was very well spoken. He was, and still is, in an impossible position. Nothing he says is going to change what people think. BTW, What happens when Sosa comes up on the Ballot? Will the corked bat incident be forgotten because he is a "good guy" or will he receive the same treatment McGwire is getting now. I am a Yankees Fan so really don't care for anyone who played for the A's (unless of course they come play for the Yanks and improve our team) but McGwire did a lot to bring baseball fans back after the Strike of '94. That should not be discounted. So, obviously, the Yankees are a better team with Brosius. No Yankee Fan will forget the image of Scott Brosius jumping for joy as he rounded first in San Diego after hitting a huge home run that helped the Yanks win the World Series. The guy put his heart and soul into each and every game. But is he a Hall of Famer? I'm not sure. Is he better for the Yanks than A-Rod? No frigging way!!!! A-rod gets booed because so much more is expected from him than ever was from Brosius who was generaly acknowledged as a good third baseman and all-round-nice-guy. A-Rod is seen as the saviour of the team and when he doesn't hit as every single at-bat he gets booed. Look at his stats then look at Brosius' Don't even try to tell me that the Yankees would be better off with Brosius. He fit perfectly in that Magical Team of the late 90's. Would he be so popular if he was on the team today, the team that limps into the post-season and crawls home defeated because doing their best is just not good enough for the NYY fans. Nothing short of a World Series will appease us....we have been spoiled so much in the past that we cannot accept losing.

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David Beckham's contract will not be renewed by Real Madrid

Latest news is that Beckham has told Madrid to play him or he will leave. Guess he is trying to make is look like leaving Madrid in on his terms not the Club's. Going to play in LA would be a huge boost for the MLS. Soccer, while getting more popular in the US, needs to have a major draw in order to compete with the big 4 for Air Time and for a larger Fan Base. And Cameron, forget about collecting Real Madrid Jersey's. Start collecting Chelsea Jerseys, much cooler look and an exciting winning team!!!! GO BLUES................................

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50 Heartbreaking Moments in Sport...

New to the site, so please go easy. I am in the great position of growing up in Ireland, living in Britian for a few years, the States for 12 years and now back home in Ireland. As a sports fan, I have the opportunity of getting coverage of all the different sports, American and otherwise. I loved the list. Although I do think David Cone's career meltdown after pitching that Perfect Game should be on the list somewhere. How can one person go from so high to so low so quickly?

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Ripken, check. Gwynn, check. McGwire, not so much.

As an avid NYY fan living overseas and only getting to watch 1-2 Yankee Games per week, it may be that the games I don't see are the ones where A-Rod doesn't raise the hopes of the Fans at the Stadium and watching on TV. I will take his stats anyday. He showed me that he wanted to play for us when he moved from Short to 3rd to allow Jeter to remain with the Yanks and do what he does best. Belle should not make it to the Hall of Fame unless it is a HOF for Crybabies, Tantrum Throwers and all round Bad-Eggs. He was a one tool player as far as I am concerned. Hopefully Kaut and Raines will make it next year. I also would love to see McGwire make it. I still remember the tension and excitement when he and Sosa were battling it out to beat the Home Run record. That is what makes the games and brings in the Fans. Without that you have a bunch of Guys wearing long pants in summer and chasing a ball!!!!!

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