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Favre angry that NFL turns its back on Robinson

coming from a family with its fair share of Alcholics (father, 2 grandfathers, uncles) I find myself agreeing with Mom and Sunnyside.(not getting the sunny vibe,though.) When all is said and done alcholics make not one but several choices everyday regarding their habit. First it starts with saying "hey, i want a drink." Even though they're still suffering from a hangover. I'm not in favor of calling alcholism a disease either. I know, I know technically speaking it is but I don't know anyone who chooses to get Cancer. Drinking you have a choice. Every single sip is a choice. I somehow feel its wrong to share the same umbrella of terminology with Cancer or some other life threatening disease. Is riding a motorcycle without a helmet a disease? (sarcasm) Koren has plenty of resources to get help. He is owed nothing by the NFL.

posted by calsteeler at 12:09 PM on October 20, 2006