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Zherdev: Replaceable?

Zherdev has already signed with Khimik Voskresensk, a team in the Russian Superleague. This means that if Zherdev does not sign with the Blue Jackets, he will be playing in Russia this season. Apparently, the reason why Zherdev has not signed with Columbus is that he has been offered short-term deals, where he would like to be offered a longer-term deal. weedy: It isn't amount of money but length of contract, thats the hang-up. Doug offered a three-year deal worth and average of $2.3 million a season. That's plenty for a kid who has yet to prove himself consistently. For him to not take that makes it obvious money is also a factror in the negotiations. Yes, he has serious wow-potential on the ice. Let's see him do it consistently, and then we'll talk. Doug should continue to hold onto him until he grows up (he's got a few years before he's even a restricted free agent), then let him go to arbitration. If Zherdev puts up consistency and numbers inthat year, then sure, throw some more money at him. Sorry. I feel McLean's in the right here. Zherdev should take the 3-year deal.

posted by AvsJacket at 12:11 AM on September 21, 2006

The Worst Hockey Logos of All Time

Uh, the Jackets' original logo was not by any means bad. As for the new Buffalo logo, I don't see the point. The last one was just fine, and even looked like a buffalo. the numbers on the front, I can live with, but that so-called logo sucks.

posted by AvsJacket at 12:03 AM on September 21, 2006

The Islanders have officially gone batshit.

That's one hell of a commitment, especially for a goaltender that does not have the skill to take the Isles to a Stanley Cup, perhaps not even a second round matchup. Shouldn't this deal have been made after at least a playoff year for them? This deal is not only longer than the Yashin deal, it's also dumber.

posted by AvsJacket at 03:27 PM on September 12, 2006