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Wojciechowski: BCS System Needs Extreme Makeover

Personally, I hate change. I have always been a Big Ten Fan (Buckeye Fan). I hated when the BCS was introduced. It made all the bowl games that were the crowning events of a successful college football season seem diminished. It made the pinnacle "New Years Day Bowls" take a back seat something that is no more conclusive than we've had in the past 100 years of college football. And now the fans as a whole want something more. They want no more arguements about who should play. The BCS was supposed to bring that. It didn't. Will a playoff put number one vs. number 2? Maybe, maybe not, but it will take away any argument about who the "REAL" champion is when the dust has cleared. I personally don't want a playoff. I like the idea of people in different parts of the country arguing on behalf of their team being the number one team in nation. I dont remember what year it was, but even in a post BCS era time when Michigan, and Nebraska had a split Championship,(something the BCS was supposed to eliminate, but couldn't) what was so bad about fans knowing in their hearts that their team was the only true national champion? I miss the bowl games of my youth. I miss the days when saying that The Rose Bowl was the grand daddy of em all, actually meant something. This year there will be 32 bowl games out there. How ridiculus is that?! at least 19 teams will be in bowl games with 6-6 records. Why bother? I remember a few years back when Toledo was 10-1, and ranked 25th in the nation, and didn't get invited to a bowl game. That was the first time that a ranked team didn't get invited to a bowl game in college football history. They didn't win the MAC Championship game. They didn't earn the trip. The Bowl Games today are a joke. The BCS is just sad. The BCS made all the once prestigeous bowl games irrelevant. Now that all the bowl games are irrelevant, why not make them all irrelevant by creating the most pethetic matchups in bowl history, by "Oh i don't know" "Lets have 32 meaningless Bowl Games". I hate change. Do we need a playoff? In my opinion; no. Is the BCS good on any level? no. Send in the clowns. (Oh wait. they already did that during the Oklahoma vs Oregon game). Officials like that make me wonder why we even argue for a playoff system.....In my opinion; Ohio State is the best team in the country this season. They are undefeated and earned there trip to the national championship. If USC beats UCLA and is the PAC 10 champs, having out of conferrence wins over 3 ranked teams, two of which will play in their conference championships, ie; Nebraska (Big 12), and Arkansas (SEC), there can be no arguement that they have not earned a trip to the national championship against the Buckeyes. Florida's non-conference schedual was a joke. Michigan didn't win their conference, and their only good non-conference win was against a Notre Dame team that was also decimated by USC. USC has earned the right to be the sacrificial lamb to Ohio State. Peace.

posted by PK Toledo at 10:09 PM on November 29, 2006

Wojciechowski: BCS System Needs Extreme Makeover

Michigan had their chance. They were weighed. They were measured. They were found wanting. They couldn't win their conference. They did not earn a trip to the National Championship. Now, go find some tissues, dry your eyes, and stop boring the rest of us whose team earned a trip to the National Championship. Oh by the way, Ohio State has won three of the last four Fiesta Bowls, if you really believe that a Bowl Game in Arizona is any different than a home game for the Buckeyes, you're as delusional as those who don't understand that Jim Tressle outright "OWNS" Lloyd Carr. Have a nice day.

posted by PK Toledo at 05:26 PM on November 26, 2006