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Now for the bad

5 future facts in the NBA: dallas mavs will win this years nba title, dirk nowitzki will be the finals mvp, the spurs will lose in six to the mavs, hornets will make the playoffs next season, and chris paul should have def. been picked ahead of marvin williams(not really a future fact, but true).

posted by Mr. Shizzle at 10:10 PM on May 09, 2006

Adelman out in Sacramento after eight seasons

whats up all my nizzles, this is mr. shizzle hear to throw in his highly regarded two cents. adelman is a good coach but he is def. a second tier coach. but when u have divac(overrated but sevicable), webber, bibby, bobby jackson(great sixth man), peja(lights out shooting), turkoglu and u still cant win you're second tier. i mean he let horry ruin his title hopes with a single shot. so all in all adelman is a nice coach, just not the coach for a contender.

posted by Mr. Shizzle at 10:06 PM on May 09, 2006