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Ohio State vacates 2010 football wins, Sugar Bowl

i normally do not weigh in on these things, but, i this is really unbelievable! So, because a minority of the team traded THEIR PERSONAL memorabilia for cash/tats, the ENTIRE team and school has to suffer?! HOW does that work?! Fisrt of all how do you say REALISTICALLY to the current team, sorry, we did not win any games last year, and we did not win the Sugar Bowl! Thanks for your efforts?! Also, what do the other theams post as their lost to OSU on the record books? We were beat by OSU but because of OSU forfeiting the season, we won? HOW is that right? AND why are you giving MICHIGAN wins for the last 7 years?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! Again, the only people punished here are the surving members. Last of all we will monitior our current and future football players like they are prisioners, (what bars to go to eateriers, cars to drive,where to live, ect.), sorry these people are adults and need to be treated as such. Sorry if this sounds like a rant but in my opion this has been blow way out of proportion!

posted by hotjockus at 05:16 PM on July 08, 2011