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SLYT: helluva dunk

I played basketball extensively in growing up in England, and my impression of any American basketball I ever saw televised was that the players get away with murder with respect to traveling.

That said - I don't see any problem with this move at all. When in his possession, the ball is constantly dribbled. If you look closely, the way he sets himself up is to bounce the ball off the court rather than throwing it to himself - mid-dribble, so to speak. Which is just insane.

posted by nthdegx at 08:45 AM on July 20, 2012

FA strips England captaincy from John Terry

I wish I could say none taken but I model my whole existence on Vanna White.

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FA strips England captaincy from John Terry

Hangman, anyone?

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Ferrari Go Back To The Future

"with Ralph Schumacher's brother."

Spelling error or no, that sir, was a stroke of genius...

posted by nthdegx at 06:37 PM on July 29, 2009

Kevin Pietersen is still the main man

Sorry to post another KP-related thread so soon, but I need closure damn it!

posted by nthdegx at 07:59 AM on January 28, 2009

Kevin Pietersen: big gamble that failed when going got tough

Well he didn't go as far as to say that Flintoff and Strauss "back stabbed" Pietersen while he was away. The Sun did.

posted by nthdegx at 05:58 AM on January 09, 2009

Kevin Pietersen: big gamble that failed when going got tough

Michael Vaughan was a great captain. He just stopped being a great cricketer. I do think Pietersen had the potential to also be a great captain, and though there is clearly blame on his part, losing the coach and captain at once seems careless of the ECB to say the least. Pietersen was a bold, risky choice, but one you really have to stick to at least once. Let him get rid of one coach if it isn't working. It's when he can't work with the next coach you really have to worry. An unnecessary loss.

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Fastest Red Card Ever ...

I'm just trying to envisage the hows and whys.

posted by nthdegx at 05:06 AM on December 30, 2008