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Records may fall, but the Babe endures

Because Muhammad Ali is so much more popular around the world than Babe Ruth ever was or ever will be. Heck, even Michael Jordan is more popular (and recognizable) than Ruth nowadays. Disagree. greatness.....hank aaron passed him in that...oh...and in home runs too. And it only took him a couple of thousand more at-bats to do it. No one doubts the greatness of Hank but give me a break. I guess Marilyn Monroe was just average looking compared to Pamela Anderson and Tom Cruise is a better actor then James Dean. Simply pathetic.

posted by TOASTY POSTY at 11:49 AM on May 05, 2006

Taxi Driver Dukes Player's Alibi

I cant seem to get the link up for this article but Collin Finnerty was already in trouble for beating up someone he claimed was a homosexual at a bar

posted by TOASTY POSTY at 01:58 PM on April 21, 2006

Taxi Driver Dukes Player's Alibi,0,7022825.story" It seems one of the kids may be going to jail for another case. He may be not be guilty but makes you think, if you were already in trouble maybe you should keep a low profile

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Breaking down the sports cliches.

When they say: “Welcome to FOX’s coverage of the World Series” what they mean is: “Unless Tim McCarver gets laryngitis, your choices are the mute button or jamming an ice pick into your ear drum.” McCarver must have something on Rupert Murdoch because there is no excuse for keeping him on the air.

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The Decline of Civilization - Bambino #3? ... Ease up

4 Babe Ruth, 714 (Booze,broads,cigars and kids, segregation and corked bats) Grum,This is the first I heard of corked bats. You added amphetamines to Mays but not Robinson and Aaron. They played in the same era and greenies have been a part of the game for decades. Or maybe I am missing the point. I am learning its best not to argue with the great grum.

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The Decline of Civilization - Bambino #3? ... Ease up

The out-pouring hatred toward Bonds is about Bonds and the things he says and does.I read last week where he said once he passes Ruth that it.He doesn't want to hear about Ruth ever again.That's why I hate him!!! Yes. I agree. You could always say that Bonds would need to win 20 games as a pitcher a couple of times to realy compete, but thats not the point. Bonds has a huge chip on his shoulder and I have a feeling if he broke every record in the book it would still not go away. Bonds is foolish as he is trying to compete with the ghost of Babe Ruth and like most legends he is larger then life. I don't think Babe Ruth reincarnated today could compete against the legend of Babe Ruth. It seems that nothing is enough for Bonds. He was considered the best player of his generation before he allegedly took steroids. That drive may be what made him the great player he is but that drive may become his downfall.

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The Decline of Civilization - Bambino #3? ... Ease up

Race is such a complicated issue. While I just look at this as an issue of comparing historical figures in the context of today’s players as well as the issue of the morality of steroids, it would be impossible for me to discount anyone who feels this is a race issue because I have never experienced racism. That also does not mean that this is definitely an issue of race either. But if someone has felt the hatred of racism it is impossible to discount those feelings. This opens up a number of questions about race, racism and societies responsibility for past generations racist activities. No intelligent person can condone racism of any kind, but this is such a complicated issue that we can not even pretend to come up with an answer that would satisfy everyone involved.

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The Decline of Civilization - Bambino #3? ... Ease up

Every player needs to be judged in the context of the time they played. Nothing a player does today can diminish the accomplishments of Aaron let alone a player who began his career as a pitcher 90 years ago. It has been widely reported that Maris nearly had a nervous breakdown because of negative press coverage in 1961. Was that about race? Some people just do not want records to be broken. This issue is also about steroids. No one has anything nice to say about McGwire after his performance in Congress last year. It is easier to pick out one or two players to hate when the only other choice is not to watch baseball anymore. As the record breakers it is easiest to pick them out as the biggest abusers, although this is not at all logical.

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1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball.

I'm pretty sure it was Joe Garagiola there being smart enough to keep his trap shut during the bottom of the 10th. Someone please send this to Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver. Thank you. I am glad I am not the only one who can not listen to those two. McCarver says the obvious and acts like it is keen insight.

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Is David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch?

While I have to admit that these type of stats have a place in any baseball discussion it is equally important to remember that the game is not played in a Petri-dish in unchanging conditions. Each at bat and every catch is not equal and I do not think there is a formula that takes that into account. When experts (and I am not claiming to be one) say that Ortiz is among the best clutch hitters of his generation or when they award Jeter a Gold Glove their opinions should carry as much weight as a statistical formula. Some people have a mighty high opinion of their eyes. I love that we nerds get looked down upon for relying on years of statistical trends weighted for noise yet people who never played in The Show "know" by "seeing" 100 games a year on TV. I also saw this comment before on this thread but can not find it now. I guess this means that Peter Gammons and other journalists (the same people who vote for the HOF) have no idea what they are talking about. Just my opinion but I tend to think that the former athletes tend to make the worse announcers and analysts. I would say that just because you played in the show does not mean you can make insightful comments about a sporting event.

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Is David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch?

There was only a single record that Gould and his partner found "too freakish to be explained away by chance." Cal Ripken/Lou Gehrig "Iron Man" records? posted by grum@work at 2:17 PM CST on April 6 At first I thought 56 game hitting streak, but the Iron Man record could not be explained away by chance. Great guess, but when is "?!" going to give us the answer. I got to leave work soon...

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Is David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch?

Well put Rocketman. It is just when I read things like the that David Ortiz who for the past few years has performed incredibly in the clutch is not Mr. Clutch or when Jeater who performance always rises to the occasion is just an above avarage short stop, I can't believe I am watching the same games as everyone else. Their are reasons why these players are considerd better then the numbers suggest. It is their performance on the field during the moments that count.

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Is David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch?

No matter how hard you try you can not just simply look at the numbers and assign a value to a player. Alex Rodriguez is the perfect example. Most Yankee fans would say he in not even the most valuable player on the team (that would be Rivera) yet he won the MVP. If you were talking about players you would want up with the game on the line Ortiz would be at the top of many lists, and Rodriguez would not make the top ten. To many people forget base ball is played on a the field where intangibles are a big part of the game. It reminds me of the strato-magic board game I played as a kid. Ken Phelps used to hit a homerun every game.

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Leiter calls it quits

ya gotta love livin' in state income tax...and the opportunity to get shot at almost every day.....mmmmmm sounds like paradise to me! Tommy- you should change that to no state income tax and an opportunity to drink shots almost every day. It is paradise

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Leiter calls it quits

Loyalty in professional sports???? While I know Toronto is a wonderful city why all the talk of over paying for their most recent acquisitions? You assume that Leiter would live full time in Canada? Would he have to pay income taxes twice or at a higher rate? I believe Florida does not have a state income tax.

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Barry is 2 legit 2 quit

Base Ball brought this upon themselves. This is just the end result of years of greed. Bonds will forever be known as the greatest steroid user ever. There will be no bigger asterisk that that.

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