Posting Guidelines

What makes a good link on SportsFilter?

Members of SportsFilter can contribute by posting links to the front page.

A good link is sports-related, newsworthy and encourages discussion among the community. Links should be about something new -- such as a breaking news story, an interesting commentary, or a noteworthy sports site.

The more specific the link the better. Linking to a preview of the Super Bowl is OK. Linking to an article on how the field conditions might affect play is better. The way you describe a link has a direct impact on the way it will be discussed by members.

If you are new to SportsFilter, take the time to view recent links. Find links that attracted comments and take note of their characteristics.

What makes a bad link on SportsFilter?

A bad post on SportsFilter ignores the guidelines above in one of the following ways:

Also, you should never post a link to your own site or any other page you had a hand in creating. Members caught doing this will be banned.

Links that fail to follow these guidelines may be edited or deleted by the site's admins.

Is your link up to these standards? If so, post it.

Please contact us if you have any questions.